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February 1, 2011 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

As I sat down to write my first post for our new grants blog, I looked at the cup of tea I’d grabbed to counter the chilly gray morning.  The tag on the teabag offered auspicious counsel:  “If your word does not reflect your spirit and honor, do not speak.”

That got me thinking that in addition to announcing the launch of the Funding Attractions blog (it’s live!) and welcoming you (we’re glad you’re here!), I’d write a little about why we’re doing this in the first place.

For almost 40 years, Thompson has been the trusted provider of valuable grant-related information to state and local governments, nonprofits, school districts, tribes, auditors, grant writers and others that need to know about critical issues related to federal grantmaking.  And of course, we want to get you interested in those publications because that’s still where you’ll find our most comprehensive coverage of grant-related issues.

But that’s only part of the story.  We also started Funding Attractions because we’re deeply embedded in the grants community.  We’re in the heart of the action from our vantage point in downtown Washington D.C. We keep on top of funding developments as they happen and spot what’s coming around the bend. We have visibility into and strong relationships across the broad landscape of funding – from federal agencies to state and local governments, nonprofits, professional organizations, research institutions, grant professionals and others.

So why have we created this blog?

Because it matters.

Grant-related work matters. It matters to our political and social institutions, it matters to local communities, and it matters to individuals and the quality of their lives. The fundamental, tangible value of grant-related work – and Thompson’s particular relationship to it – fuels our interest in connecting the various parts of that grants community.

Funding Attractions can serve as an environment for dialogue and discussion among applicants, recipients and funders; grant seekers, grant writers, and grant managers; novices and seasoned pros.  It can be a place to inspire and be inspired; to ask questions and help answer questions.

Those are some of the reasons why we’re doing this, but enough about us.  What do you do that’s related to grants, and why do you do it?


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