Our 7 Most Popular Posts, and If I Ran the Blog

March 7, 2011 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

Since we in the grants world understand the importance of quantifiable progress measures (although I’ll have some questions for you about that in an upcoming post), I wanted to share a couple of ours.

In the month since Funding Attractions went live, it’s gotten more than 2500 overall views and nearly 200 views on its busiest day.

We owe this to you.  Thank you for the interest and word of mouth that have made that happen!  I sincerely appreciate the genuine enthusiasm we’ve gotten as we’ve cranked this up and gotten it humming.  Thank you for sharing posts with others, leaving comments, subscribing to the blog and letting others know about it.  We’ve gotten lots of validation that this is something that folks from across the grants community want, need and see benefit in.

In case you missed them, here are our 7 most popular posts to date:

  1. Wherefore blog?
  2. Grants Systems and the Aircraft Carrier
  3. Should Grant Programs Become “Pay for Performance?”
  4. To Cut or Not to Cut Remains the Question
  5. How Can Small Organizations Engage Potential Donors?
  6. That Hamburger May Be Costly (and We’re Not Talking Calories)
  7. Obama’s Budget Giveth; Obama’s Budget Taketh Away

Now, this blog is only as successful as it is helpful to the grants community – and that means YOU.

So give it to us straight:  what’s working and what’s not working for you?  What do you think about the topics we’re covering so far?  What are we missing?

What else do you want to be reading about here – profiles of specific grant-funded projects, movers and shakers in the grants community, interviews with funding and regulatory officials?   What types of conversations can we jumpstart or further?  Which organizations or stakeholder groups in the grants community should be talking but aren’t?  Who in the grants community would you like to talk to?  Who has great grant-related insights or successes that we should we be reading, talking to or  featuring on Funding Attractions?

If you were responsible for the blog, what would you keep the same and what would you do differently?


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