Are Federal Rules Too Overwhelming?

March 9, 2011 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

Ever felt like this? When work or life becomes too hectic, I think back to those Staples commercials that touted the “Easy” button. One press of the button and everything becomes much simpler. In a way, Executive Order 13563 could be the federal government’s “Easy” button.

President Obama issued E.O. 13563 earlier this year to ensure that federal regulations seek more affordable, less intrusive means to achieve policy goals, and that agencies give careful consideration to the benefits and costs of those regulations. Under Office of Management and Budget guidance, several agencies — including the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of the Interior, Justice and Transportation — have proposed rules seeking public comments on how to make its regulations simpler, more streamlined and less burdensome, and if any regulations could be repealed or eliminated while still meeting the agency’s mission. For example, the DOJ proposal is available here.

I’m sure there are many grant regulations that you may consider are overly burdensome. This is your time to make your feelings heard. Put pen to paper or submit comments electronically and perhaps, down the line, things may become a little easier for you.

What regulations do you find overly burdensome or costly? Let us know what suggestions you have for potential changes?


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