Grants Management Certification Program Deadline Extended

March 21, 2011 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

If you wanted to participate in the National Grants Management Association’s Certified Grants Management Specialist program and thought you waited to late, don’t despair. The NGMA has extended the deadline for registering for the program to Monday, April 4.

The NGMA is developing the CGMS industry certification to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance and designate those who demonstrate knowledge essential to the profession of grants management.

The organization is administering the CGMS Grandfathered Provisional Certification program for eligible grants managers with extensive experience. Individuals selected for this program will undergo an intensive four-day training program at the NGMA conference May 1-4 in Hershey, Pa. Once they complete the training and receive their provisional certification, they will help draft questions for future credentialing exams. After their questions are accepted, the provisional certification will be converted into the full CGMS credential. Therefore, the CGMS Grandfathered Provisional Certification Program is restricted to professionals who can demonstrate qualifying experience in the field of grants management.

What are your thoughts about a grants management certification program? How would it help you as a boost to your career?


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