INPUT Examines Impact of FY11 Agreement on DHS, DOJ Grants

April 19, 2011 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

A post on INPUT’s blog yesterday discussed how the climate for winning Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice grants has changed with the final budget agreement for the remainder of fiscal year 2011.

While disaster relief provided through the Federal Emergency Management Administration actually received more funding in the final instance, relative to FY 2010, other FEMA programs and major DHS grant programs such as the Urban Area Security Initiative suffered cuts.

Similarly, although the final funding levels for FY 2011 for most DOJ grant programs landed below their FY 2010 levels, some high-profile programs “will still receive solid support.” In the case of the popular Byrne Grant program, for example, that support stacks up to the tune of $1.12 billion.

INPUT rightly notes that to successfully obtain grant funding through any program, whether it’s singing the blues for the rest of FY 2011 or remains on the sunny side of the street, every proposed project “must have a goal, a predicted outcome, and most of all, be clear, specific and realistic.”

Are you changing up your typical approach to apply for any of these programs in the wake of fewer dollars, greater competition and quicker turnarounds?


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