Do a Little Research on These R&R Forms

May 18, 2011 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

Research grantees take note. As called out by our friends at the Grants World Blog here, the Department of Health and Human Services is seeking comments on changes to the Standard Form 424 Research and Related family of forms. Comments are due by June 28.

The agency proposed revising the federal collection of SF-424 R&R forms, which agencies began using in 2004, to include changes adopted by a cross-agency SF-424 R&R working group. There are four requested changes to the SF-424 R&R Application for Federal Assistance (cover) and four requested changes to the R&R Other Project Information form. The working group said the changes are designed to increase data quality and clarity for the collection.

Because about 100,000 grantees use these forms, potential changes could be of high interest, especially if burdens are increased. Interested parties can refer to the Federal Register notice here to find out who to contact to submit comments.

Are you a research organization? How would the changes affect you?


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