L/SFR Sneak Peek: Budget Climate Makes Transportation Reauthorization Challenging

June 7, 2011 | By Liza Casabona | Post a Comment

(This story is excerpted from the June 13 Local/State Funding Report.) Despite broad agreement that transportation infrastructure investments are critical, the U.S. still lacks a broad transportation reauthorization bill, injecting a high level of uncertainty into the conversations about transportation funding.

Few finance areas illustrate the complicated interplay of federal, state and local resources like transportation. Funding comes from all three levels, and depending on the locality or state, the balance of power is also divided among the three. And in today’s increasingly complex fiscal environment, things are only getting more complicated.

The U.S. has been without long-term reauthorizations for many forms of transportation for a few years. Getting a surface transportation reauthorization is considered particularly challenging in the current fiscal climate since a multi-year reauthorization would start somewhere around $300 billion and go up from there.

For more about the transportation reauthorization challenges, subscribers can look to the June 13 issue of Local/State Funding Report.


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