FEMA Holds Training Seminars for Potential Fire Grant Applicants

June 16, 2011 | By Liza Casabona | Post a Comment

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is holding a series of seminars across the country throughout June and July to provide prospective applicants for its ever-popular “fire grants” with tips on those grant programs for fiscal year 2011.

The fire grant programs operated by FEMA are the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG), Fire Prevention & Safety Grants (FP&S) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants (SAFER).

FEMA’s seminars outline the program basics and application tips for all three programs. In FY 2011, Congress appropriated $405 million for SAFER, $370 million for AFG and $35 million for FP&S grants. Fire departments and nonaffiliated EMS are eligible to apply for grants through these programs.

According to FEMA, its AFG guidance for the current funding cycle is more user-friendly and provides highlights to help potential applicants identify the funding priorities.

Changes were also made to application questions to help reviewers better evaluate the merits of a given proposal. Fifty percent of an application’s total score will now be based on an electronic prescore that is given to upon completion of an online application and 50 percent will be based on review panelists’ scores for all projects.

FEMA suggest that applicants only applying for eligible top-priority items that meet your highest risk or  need; using a team approach to developing an application; enlisting a third-party individual who is not involved in writing the application to evaluate it for clarity; and making sure you understand the program priorities.

The schedule for the upcoming seminars is here.  There’s one practically every day somewhere in the U.S., check the listing for the session closest to where you are.


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