A Six-Pack (of Posts) for a Sweltering Stretch

July 20, 2011 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

Oh MAN, is it hot out there — and I ain’t just talking about the debt ceiling slugfest that’s happening just a few blocks away from here. With the heat index expected to top 110 in the DC area over the next couple of days, and many other parts of the country suffering dangerous temps and oppressive humidity, it can be hard to think about anything but just staying cool.

We can’t exactly break open a real six-pack with you to take the edge off (as much as we’d like to!), but we can share the six most popular posts on FundingAttractions.com over the past month, in the hopes that they might distract you from the weather for at least a few minutes:

1. L/SFR Sneak Peek: WIA Reauthorization Advancing in Senate

2. The Mother Lode of all Grant Clichés (And Why It Matters)

3. Domestic Preparedness Grants Breed Concern, Prioritizing, Partnerships

4. NGP Reorganizes, NGMA Recruits and (GPA) NCA Rallies

5. Federal Website Funding Is a Sticky Situation

6. Jumbo-Sized Concern Over Proposed Reporting Requirements

Now go get yourself some more water — and stay safe out there, wherever you are.  Also, if you have info on any resources that folks in your area can use to stay safe in the extreme weather (e.g., NYC residents can call 311 to request a NYPD check in if they’re worried about friends or family), please leave a comment below to share those tips with our other readers. (Thanks to +Matt Grill on Google+ for the NYC tip.)


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