Got Education Grants? 3 Title I-Derland Posts for Your Backpack

July 25, 2011 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

Have you noticed the ads for school supplies starting to appear in the weekend papers?  Although it’s a little hard to believe in the midst of the current heat wave, the start of another year is just a few weeks away.  Our colleagues over at Title I-Derland have been keeping up with their summer reading, following the latest developments in the world of federal K-12 policy.  They’ve published a number of interesting posts lately that are worth a read:

1. Hey, MOE! (7/21/11) As state and local budgets atrophy and federal stimulus dollars dry up, states and districts are having a harder time keeping up with “maintenance of effort” (MOE) rules in special education.

2. Charter = Good; Public = Bad (7/19/11) The House Committee on Education and the Workforce recently approved a bill that gives charter schooling a big boost. The idea is to provide funding to replicate high-performing charters.

3. Blog Roundup: Temp Rises With Flexible Funding, Other NCLB Controversies (7/12/11) Tomorrow morning, the House Education and the Workforce Committee is slated to mark up the State and Local Funding Flexibility Act (H.R. 2445). The somewhat controversial bill would provide flexibility by enabling school districts to shift funding from targeted NCLB programs like Title I and Title III grants for English language learners to any of a host of other eligible activities.

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