L/SFR Sneak Preview: House Hearing on EDA Reauthorization

August 9, 2011 | By Liza Casabona | Post a Comment

(This post is excerpted from a story in the Aug. 15 issue of Local/State Funding Report.) The Economic Development Administration has been at the center of more than one discussion in recent months about spending and waste. Debates in both chambers of Congress over discretionary spending levels and priorities have lent urgency to many formerly routine decisions. As the EDA comes up for reauthorization, it offers a good case study of the political rifts that have formed over spending priorities.

Local officials who testified at a recent House hearing said they are worried that the debate will threaten critical funding streams that are relied upon by many distressed local communities.

A July 27 hearing was convened by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure’s Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Works and Emergency Management to discuss the EDA’s reauthorization in light of a report from the Government Accountability Office outlining potential overlap between the various agencies that administer economic development programs.

For more about the House hearing on reauthorizing the EDA, subscribers to Local/State Funding Report can refer to their Aug. 15 issue.)


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