Introducing Publication Giveaway Winner Amy Lamborg

September 8, 2011 | By Liza Casabona | Post a Comment

Our recent publication giveaway here at Funding Attractions gave us a great opportunity to engage with some of our readers. We’ve reached out to the winners of each week’s drawing to learn a little more about the community of people tuning in to the blog. Amy Lamborg is one of those winners.

Amy is currently the regional director of grant development for Miami University in Ohio. She’s worked in grants for the university since 2004, but just assumed her new title this year. (Congrats!)

Like so many people who work in grants, Amy said her path to her current position was “circuitous,” although hers may have meandered farther than some. Prior to working at Miami University, she was a science writer at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and a geologist for several environmental consulting firms.

Time is the biggest challenge Amy sees in her work as everyone gets busier and busier and faces tighter schedules. She said:

“On campuses where teaching loads are high, I find it challenging to motivate faculty and staff to add one more thing to their busy schedule — a grant proposal. And I see this problem continuing: as university budgets tighten, the monetary incentives that used to help motivate are being used for other purposes; as budgets tighten for funders, faculty perceive a reduced chance of getting an award.”

Sound familiar?

For her publication, Amy chose Effective Subrecipient Monitoring because she felt it would “be the most useful to me in my quest to teach myself something about the grants management end of the business.”

We wish you the best of luck in that quest, Amy, and we hope you’ll let us know how else we can help.

Stay tuned for more publication winner profiles.


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