It’s a Hard-Knock Life

November 22, 2011 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

On random weekends, one of my favorite things to do is order pizza, get a DVD and have “movie night” with my family. Always seeking to find family-friendly films, this week’s show was “Annie.” I had seen the play many years ago, and watching the movie brought back some of the fun and heartfelt songs that I had totally forgotten about.

Even though the movie was set during the Great Depression, many of the same themes echo today. Notably, there was the scene where Daddy Warbucks is arguing politics with Franklin Roosevelt. Warbucks, a mega-rich Republican, criticizes the New Deal programs that Roosevelt, a Democrat, is launching. The two can’t see eye-to-eye, yet both of them find a way to come together to sing “Tomorrow” with Annie.

Fast forward about 80 years and here we are still, with Republicans and Democrats constantly bickering and not coming any agreement. The supercommittee created to address the budget deficit seems to prefer to blame the other party for its shortcomings rather than find ways to reach agreement and finish the job it was created to do. All this bickering just creates more gloom and doom on Capitol Hill.

Perhaps someone needs to visit an orphanage, invite a little redheadded girl to come to Congress, sing a song about hope, and then maybe, just maybe, the sun will come out tomorrow. Until then, I’m not so sure.

Are you as frustrated as I am? Let us know.


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