2-4-6-8, Who Do You Appreciate? Practicing Gratitude in Grant Work

November 28, 2011 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

You may have noticed that Funding Attractions had a couple of days off over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We hope that you were also able to get a little downtime with your nearest and dearest.

Between the holidays and the calendar year winding down, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the things and the people in our lives, and feeling especially grateful for them.

But gratitude is more than an attitude. It is also — and I’d argue, more importantly — a practice.  It is a demonstration of the appreciation and thankfulness that we feel for those we value.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what gratitude means for — and how it is practiced by — those of us in grant-related work.

While Thanksgiving and other holidays get people thinking about gratitude, I firmly believe that it’s a practice worth exercising throughout the year.  And during this long funding season of deep conflicts, frustration, hardship, disappointment, austerity and uncertainty, it might be particularly valuable to reconnect with some of the positive elements of what we do.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some writing about the practice of gratitude and its value in grant-related work, and I’d love to share some great examples of that.

So tell me — how does gratitude matter to your grant-related work?  Who do you appreciate and how do you show that gratitude?  The other members of your internal grant team? Contracted grantwriters or other outside resources that help you with your organization’s grant activities? Your project partners and collaborators? Your stakeholders? Your project’s beneficiaries? Your funding agency? Your donors? Your recipients or subrecipients?

What’s the most rewarding show of grant-related gratitude that you’ve participated in?  Or what’s the most meaningful expression of grant-related gratitude that you’ve been on the receiving end of? How would you *like* to be appreciated by those you work with on grant-related activities? Let me share your story with other Funding Attractions readers!

Leave a comment below and I’ll contact you or email me directly at adrianne[dot]fielding[AT]thompson[dot]com.  You might even feel inspired to write a guest post! And if you disagree with this whole premise that gratitude matters to grant work, then I *really* hope you write a guest post.


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