Fighting the Mid-Winter Doldrums?

January 30, 2012 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment

This time of year can be rough for a lot of people. First, there’s the post-holiday slump – the physical and emotional crash from a flurry of activities and interactions that can range from joyous and energizing to uncomfortable and draining. Whether the time off and goings-on of the holidays is wonderful or awful, it can be hard to get back into the swing of the everyday routine. Add on some long, gray days and schizophrenic weather patterns – It’s 50 degrees and feels like an early spring! No, wait! It’s in the single digits with a bone-chilling wind! – and it can be enough to make a person want to hunker down and hibernate.

For those of us who follow and work in the world of federal funding, there’s also the hangover from the nasty budget battles in D.C. over the past year, not to mention the uncertainty about what might be ahead. Oh, and it’s an election year, which always puts an interesting twist on the debates and decisions to be made by those who’ve been empowered to do so.

Still, the proverbial show must go on.

What’s a good way to recharge your professional batteries? One tried-and-true strategy is to connect with and get some fresh ideas from others in your field. Professional conferences, trainings, and other face-to-face and online events might be just what the doctor ordered for the mid-winter blues. Here are some that might hit the spot:

Another way to reengage with your work is to share some of it with others. Got something you’d like to brag about? Something particularly challenging that you’d like some feedback from your peers on? Something on your mind related to funding that you haven’t seen us cover here? If you’d like to write a guest post for Funding Attractions, leave a comment below and we’ll talk.

And hang in there. Spring’s coming.


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