MetLife Foundation To Recognize Outstanding Community-Police Partnerships

February 6, 2012 | By Adrianne Fielding | Post a Comment
(A version of this post first appeared in Thompson’s Local/State Funding Report.) The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and MetLife Foundation have announced the latest competition for the 2012 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership awards. Ten awards totaling $185,000 are expected to be made in response to the recent solicitation, which marks the eleventh year of the program.

The awards provide funding to recognize, sustain and share innovative, existing collaborations between community groups and police that have successfully promoted the safety and revitalization of their communities. According to the program materials, the awards support the funders’ joint mission for the joint Community Safety Initiative, to promote “strategic alliances between community developers, police departments and other key stakeholders to reduce crime and spur revitalization in troubled communities.” Awardees from prior years have used the funds to pay for special patrols, officer training and equipment and local events.

To be eligible for consideration, partnerships must include both community organizations and police. Police departments and other public agencies must apply with at least one tax-exempt nonprofit partner, which will serve as the fiscal agent for the award.

Awards will be made to outstanding partnerships in two categories:

  • neighborhood revitalization awards that will be issued to projects that have reduced crime and promoted local economic development; and
  • special strategy awards that will be issued for projects that have improved public safety in the areas of applied technology; aesthetics and greenspace improvement; diversity inclusion and integration; drug market disruption; gang prevention and youth safety; and/or seniors and safety.

LISC and MetLife Foundation expect to make one $30,000 and four $20,000 neighborhood revitalization awards and five $15,000 special strategy awards in response to the current competition.

In the neighborhood revitalization category, the funders are particularly interested in projects that have integrated policing with community development to transform crime-laden areas into good housing and commercial locations. Particular consideration will be given to partnerships that have successfully targeted crime related to foreclosed and vacant properties.

For special strategy awards, LISC and MetLife Foundation will be looking for projects in each focus area whose strategies reduced crime and produced other neighborhood improvements. Recent winners have included projects that established bicycle and foot police patrols; improved park safety; and connected gang-involved youth to local jobs, education, programming and social services.

Eligible partnerships who wish to apply for awards in both categories or for awards in more than one special strategy area must submit separate applications.

A three-page preliminary application must be must be submitted by email or mail no later than March 11, 2012. Applicants that are selected for further consideration will be invited to submit a full application. Award decisions are expected to be announced sometime this summer.

Questions about the award program can be directed to Mona Mangat at 212-455-9357 or

More on the 2012 competition, a link to the funding announcement and case studies of previous winners are available at


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