What Will the OMB’s Next Shot Be?

May 1, 2012 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

Okay OMB, the ball is back in your court.

Monday was the comment period deadline for the Office of Management and Budget’s Feb. 28 notice of proposed guidance on reforms to grants management and single audits. At last check, the OMB has received more than 330 comments in response to the notice. Comments were submitted by all grants stakeholders ranging from research universities to local governments to nonprofit organizations to individuals. Some commenters said some positive things about the reform ideas, others strongly opposed them.

So now we wait. During the National Grants Management Association’s annual training conference last week, the OMB’s Gil Tran said that OMB expects to evaluate the comments and possibly issue a notice of proposed amendments to the circulars this fall, which would be open to further comments.  Frankly, I see this process taking a little longer due to the magnitude of these potential changes. However, if it does happen that quickly, we should all be prepared to make changes. Could a phased-in approach to changes be in the offing? Some have suggested it.

Regardless, stay tuned. Combine the proposed reforms with the DATA Act, which, oh by the way, was passed by the House last week, and you have a huge one-two punch that could send traditional grants management and single audit processes out the window. Let’s see how the OMB plays it now.

We’d still like to get your reaction to the potential grant reforms or the DATA Act? Send us a comment.


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