Now That’s Just Plain Dumb!

June 5, 2012 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

It’s time again for some more audience participation. I saw this online feature the other day listing some of the dumbest apps created for smart phones. I obviously had to agree that anything flatulence-related should be on the list of dumbest apps, but one I just couldn’t believe was one called Hang Time. You’re supposed to throw your phone in the air, and it measures how much “hang time” you get. And as an added bonus, you can even compare your results with your friends. So let me get this straight, you actually want me to throw my phone up in the air, on purpose, and HOPE that I catch it. I mean, c’mon, seriously?!?

If nothing else, this feature got me to thinking: What do you think is the dumbest grants management regulation or requirement?

Is there one particular rule out there that you think is really inane and that needs to be stricken from the books? Could it be the complex indirect cost rate determination method? Could it have something to do with that single audit process? Heck, you can go totally out on a limb and say that alcohol being an unallowable cost is the dumbest requirement — just give me a good reason why.

My personal favorite as the dumbest grants management requirement is the continued references in the grants administrative rules to Standard Form 269 and SF-272, which no longer are in use. They’ve been replaced by the SF-425 for some time now. With all the talk about grants reform lately, this is one thing that I think should head the list.

So let us know what grant management rules or requirements you’d give a “thumbs down” to as dumb and why you think so. I’m sure others out there would be interested in know what their colleagues think and may have a similar reaction. We won’t share your e-mail address and if you prefer, you can only provide your first name. But remember, keep your smart phones secured at all times.



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