The Snail Is Back! Is a Theme Song Far Behind?

July 11, 2012 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

I promised I wasn’t going to do this. I promised I was going to take the high road. I promised to wait. No more promises. The snail has returned — with a vengeance. Last year, while we waited (and waited some more) for OMB to issue the Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement, we ran a daily series of snails to symbolize the slow progress. I wasn’t going to go crazy with the snails this year, but OMB has forced me to do it.

On July 3, I received an e-mail from OMB stating, “I have one more clearance to clear for the 2012 Compliance Supplement and expect to have the 2012 Compliance Supplement out early next week.” It is now quickly passing “early next week.” To complicate matters, in the brief minute that OMB’s Victoria Collin gave her presentation to the National Grants Partnership yesterday before the webinar was postponed to July 19 due to technical difficulties, she said it is now expected to come out early NEXT week! Grrrr!

Week after week, we have heard that the Office of Management will be issuing the final version of the Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement “soon,” or “in a couple of weeks,” or “early next week.” Like the boy who cried wolf, I don’t know what to believe anymore. Due to “clearance process delays,” OMB put out a draft version for the audit community back in May, but until it becomes final, the draft only goes so far.

Hey, just for fun, maybe we could create an OMB theme song. A couple I was thinking of were Carly Simon’s ‘70s classic “Anticipation” or maybe the 1983 Naked Eyes song “Promises, Promises.” Or if you want to be ultra-modern, go with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” – maybe it’ll come out, maybe it won’t, maybe they’ll call us and let us know. Maybe.

If you have any ideas for an OMB theme song dedicated to the long-awaited final compliance supplement, we’d love to hear them.


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