The Calm Before the Storm

October 26, 2012 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

In case you haven’t heard, the National Hurricane Center is predicting a hurricane to hit the mid-Atlantic/Northeast area early next week. To make matters worse, a massive cold front moving in from the other direction will hit about the same time, and forecasters are already dubbing it “Frankenstorm.” Heavy rain, flooding, high winds, snow in some places. How frightful!

As with all hurricanes, there seems to be that quiet period before the storm. That’s how it’s been in D.C. lately regarding grants management. For example, I check the Federal Register on a daily basis to find new rules, proposed rules and notices related to grants management. This week, absolutely nothing. After 10 years of covering grants management here at Thompson, I can count on one hand the number of entire weeks where the federal government issued no regulatory action on grants management. Quiet.

In addition, our friends at the National Grants Management Association in a recent email update said that Office of Management and Budget officials had told them not to expect a notice of proposed rulemaking any time soon on grants management reforms, and did not estimate the release date. Frankly, I’m not surprised, being election season and all. This summer, after gathering more than 300 comments on its advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, OMB had hoped to issue a proposed rule in September. We now must wait even longer. Again, quiet.

They say the hurricane could do more than $1 billion in damage to the East Coast. Let’s hope FEMA funding is available to help any rebuilding necessary. And after surviving an earthquake, a derecho and tornadoes in the past year, let’s hope we can survive yet another one of nature’s goblins. Check back at some point next week for an update.


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