Seven Things I’m Thankful For

November 21, 2012 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the annual day in which many of us eat too much, watch a ton of football and scan the ads for the post-Thanksgiving sales (which at the rate we’re going starts, well, today). After doing a little reflection, I thought I’d share a few things I’m thankful for.

After experiencing an earthquake, derecho and a hurricane in the span of just over a year, I’m thankful that my house is still standing (although one wonders what Mother Nature holds in store for 2013).

I’m thankful that I report on relatively stable topics such as grants management and single audits rather than affair-obsessed generals and attention-seeking socialites (although I have to say, since socialites appear to be wealthy, I’m considering looking for colleges with a socialite major for my kids).

I’m thankful the elections are over (one more political ad and I think I would’ve jumped off a cliff).

Speaking of cliffs, we may be approaching a fiscal cliff, but I’m at least thankful that our nation’s leaders have shown some interest in compromise to solve this crisis. That rarely happens in this town. Whether a solution is crafted or not, at least the problem hasn’t been ignored.

I’m thankful that the Office of Management and Budget is considering reforms to grants management and single audits. The process may seem long and drawn out, and we haven’t even seen a true proposal yet, but the grants community knows that helpful changes could be on the way. In fact, these changes could be the most extensive in more than a decade. Look to us to help keep you informed on what those changes will be and how they will affect you.

I’m thankful for all the grants management and single audit experts that have graciously submitted articles for our publications. Their knowledge and experience enables us here at Thompson to provide professional content and rich analysis for our subscribers, and I have enjoyed working with all of them.

And lastly, I’m thankful that I’m able to maintain an online relationship with the grants community through Funding Attractions. Over the course of the last year and a half, we have been able to keep you up-to-date with some of the latest news and events and have gotten your comments on concerns you have. We value this connection and look forward to continuing to share our viewpoints through 2013 and beyond.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and can take a chance to reflect on what you are truly thankful for.

Is there anything that you in the grants community are thankful for? We’d like to hear from you.


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