Sneak Preview: Calif. Aims To Improve Child Care Fund Oversight

December 27, 2012 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

(The following was excerpted from an article in the Single Audit Information Service.)The California Department of Social Services plans to update its internal grant manual to instruct staff to review and document grantee program reports after the California Office of State Auditor found that the agency did not adequately monitor grantees awarded dollars from a state childcare fund.

To address the need for the prevention of childhood injuries and abuse, the California legislature created the State Children’s Trust Fund. The trust fund supports child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention programs statewide. The California Department of Social Services administers the trust fund.

After reviewing 30 trust fund expenditures, OSA found that CDSS’ Office of Child Abuse Prevention did not adequately monitor 10 payments it made to six grantees, adding that one grantee had overcharged CDSS by $10,189. It also identified instances where the CDSS office may have used money from the trust fund to pay for improper expenditures.

In their agreements to receive trust fund monies, grantees are required to submit invoices monthly, quarterly or semiannually to CDSS and make expenditure details available upon request. CDSS is required to review the invoices for allowable costs. The Office of Child Abuse Prevention’s Guidelines for Grant Administration state that the office’s consultants are usually responsible for approving the grantees’ invoices, while its consultants may visit grantees at their discretion to review more detailed records of grantees’ expenditures.


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