Listen Up! Take Advantage of Some Extra Time

April 3, 2013 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

In case you haven’t heard, the Office of Management and Budget just as I was heading on vacation two weeks ago announced that it was extending the comment period on its proposed grants reform guidance. I for one am glad to see this. This issue is too important not to get a full-range of comments and concerns voiced.

The deadline, originally set for May 2, has now been extended to June 2 to allow interested parties additional time to analyze the issues and prepare their comments. This decision can really help those in the audit community as this time of year usually is an extremely busy one for them. In addition, many grant managers may have been too focused on how to react to budget cutbacks stemming from the sequestration to put any thought into overarching grants management reform. This gives them another month to delve into the proposal and see how it will affect them.

It also appears that the grants community needs more time. It’s been almost two months since OMB announced the proposal and it has only received 36 comments on The advanced notice of proposed grants reform guidance that OMB issued last year received more than 330 comments. Now, I know that most people tend to submit them near the deadline so that doesn’t really concern me, but frankly, I would’ve expected a few more by now.

I have seen some tweets come across my desk from those in the grants community that were none too thrilled that OMB was extending the comment period, yet I still think it’s the right thing to do. I urge everyone out there to take the time to read the proposal and submit their comments so that OMB is aware of any and all impacts the proposed guidance will create.

How do you feel about the extension? Let us know.


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