The Perils of Cut and Paste Revisited

May 23, 2013 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

imageOh, the irony of all ironies. Our colleagues submitting to Thompson’s education blog, Title 1-derland, provided us with a blog entry last week that we thought would be a perfect fit for Funding Attractions. Since it dealt with the OMB’s proposed grants reform guidance, we decided to run with it. The title of the blog post should’ve been an omen – “The Perils of Cut and Paste.”

As it turns out, there was an error in the post. Title 1-derland recently followed up with this correction:

“The Perils of Cut and Paste posted Thursday, May 9 (Friday, May 10 in Funding Attractions) contained an error. It erroneously stated that OMB expected to resolve the inconsistent certification periods for single-cost-objective employees (six months) and multiple-cost-objective employees (12 months) by setting the certification period for both class of employees at six months.

I simply misheard. In fact, they expect to resolve the inconsistency by setting the certification period for both classes of employees at 12 months.

We regret the error.”

We do too. Perils, indeed. Alas, sometimes in the information-gathering business, sometimes we find ourselves victim to human error. Who can forget that famous photo declaring Dewey’s victory over Truman? I’m still trying to find record of the great accomplishments coming out of the Dewey Administration.


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