Make Sure Someone’s In When You're Out

July 8, 2013 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

1288990_beachin_it_1We hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th holiday. Personally, I spent much of the extended weekend painting my daughter’s bedroom (long-time followers of Funding Attractions may notice a trend here).  I also used the opportunity to prune and plant some shrubs, clean and vacuum the car, clear out the dryer vent and other long-delayed household chores.

Glad to see the Office of Management and Budget took care of its long-delayed chore last week in issuing the 2013 Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement. The auditing industry had been clamoring for it for quite some time. Perhaps you saw some fireworks on the 4th that were as spectacular as our photo last week – I always liked the red ones!

We now enter the summer vacation season. Time to head to beach or the mountains, or spend a week doing nothing at all. If you’re heading out anytime soon, remember to think ahead. If you are planning to submit a grant proposal, make sure that you’ve gotten all your prep work done before heading out so that you don’t miss anything while you are gone. If you manage a grant program, ensure that controls are in place so that the program runs smoothly while you are away. If you pass funds down to a subrecipient organization, make sure someone knowledgeable with your program can be contacted by the subrecipient should a question arise. Don’t let the week you’re gone be the one time that there is an emergency and no one knows what to do.

We’ll do the same here. We’ll try to make sure someone is keeping up with the latest events in the grants and audit world. Subscribers to Thompson’s grants publications, and readers of Funding Attractions, will always be up to date on the latest.


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