So, Where’s the 2013 SF-SAC?

October 25, 2013 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

question-con-1-1009933-mUm, last I checked, it was late October and 2014 is right around the corner. But those with single audits due have still yet to see the 2013 Data Collection Form (SF-SAC). What gives?

A little history here.  The Office of Management and Budget in May issued an information collection notice for comments on proposed revisions to the 2013 Data Collection Form. After receiving comments, OMB expected to issue a second Federal Register notice in mid-October with a “near final” version of the Data Collectiosn Form, reflecting changes from the comments submitted. However, the release was delayed due to the government shutdown. Sources at the Federal Audit Clearinghouse now tell us they anticipate the Federal Register notice to appear “in the next couple of weeks.”

The Federal Audit Clearinghouse website states that the SF-SAC for fiscal year 2013 audits will be approved 30 days after the second Federal Register notice is published. In the meantime, the site adds that in light of the delay of the form, the original extension of the current SF-SAC (which extended through Sept. 30, 2013) is being modified. If a single audit for a fiscal period ending in 2013 is due before the 2013 SF-SAC is available, auditees will not be able to meet the 30 day deadline for submission prescribed by OMB Circular A-133 §_.320(a). Therefore, OMB has granted an extension until Dec. 31, 2013, for reporting packages due to the clearinghouse before that date. The extension is automatic and there is no approval required. The extension applies only to single audits for the fiscal periods ending in 2013.

Talk about waiting until the last minute. Hope this answers any questions you have concerning the 2013 SF-SAC. Stay tuned to the Clearinghouse website for more. Thompson’s Single Audit Information Service will also keep you abreast when the 2013 version is finalized.

What is your reaction to the proposed 2013 SF-SAC? We’d like to know.



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