Whatever Happened to the Grants World Blog?

November 12, 2013 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

What would you ask a panel of grants professionals about being a competitive grantseeker in today's funding climate?One of the radio shows I used to listen to in the car while commuting used to have a weekly segment called “‘Member when?” During the segment, listeners would call in to discuss obscure factoids of years gone by, such as “‘Member when umpires used to hide behind those huge body protectors outside their uniforms?” or “‘Member when we had to actually get up and turn a dial to watch a different TV program, with only three or four channels to choose from?” I used to look forward to this show to see what random memories people would bring up, sometimes bringing me to say “Yeah, I remember that!”

Now it’s my turn. ‘Member when there used to be a blog post called the Grants World Blog? The blog, which can still online here, was launched by the federal grants community and the Grants Management Line of Business. The goal was to serve “as a resource for increasing transparency in federal grants management and sharing information with grantees, applicants and the public.” It intended to provide “updates on federal grants management activities; stakeholder announcements; details on grants events; updates on current and new legislation; links to relevant Federal Register notices; stories of interest to grantees and applicants; and requests for input from the grantee and applicant community.” Quite at hefty task if you ask me.

The first blog post on the site was posted in October 2010. There were posts semi-regularly in the months to follow on various topics ranging from Grants.gov to SAM.gov to the beginning of OMB’s plans for federal grants reform.  However, since March 2012, the site has been frozen in time with no new posts added. The site says it has 124 followers and currently has a November 2013 calendar on it, so it’s not completely dead. However, with the bold ambitions it had at the beginning, one wonders what happened to the site. Did funding lapse? Did interest wane?  Either way, the site has been dormant since that March 2012 posting.

If anyone out there knows what happened to the Grants World Blog, I’d really like to know, and perhaps others would as well. If you know some of the current history behind the site, feel free to share your insight. Oh, and ‘member when our lives didn’t have such things as blogs and Twitter and social media in general? Ahh, we were so young then…

Let us know if you have any information about the Grants World Blog? And if you’d like to play “‘Member When..?”about a grants topic, that could make for another post down the line.



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