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conference-room-with-tv-1419673-mNow that the holiday shopping season is upon us, the last thing you want to do is fail to keep track of your personal finances? Overspending on gifts for your friends and family could get you in hot water when the bills arrive later. In a similar vein, grant recipients and grantor agencies must stay on track of their own payments, ensuring that they are appropriate and adequately documented.

Thompson is doing its part to make sure the grants community understands the latest activity under way to prevent and recover improper payments by hosting a webinar on this topic on Tuesday, Dec. 17 from 2- 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Stacia Le Blanc, a recognized leader in the areas of federal grants, cooperative agreements, grants compliance training, debarments, federal audit defense and administrative law, will be the speaker for this informative webinar for federal grants officials as well as for those at the state and local government levels and their subrecipients.

Grant recipients should be aware that if an audit uncovers improper payments, the result not only could mean cost disallowances, but systemic problems may require extensive corrective actions and the possibility of being declared high risk. With the federal government increasingly focusing its attention on more programs and the use of recovery audits, all grantees need to be prepared. You need to be proactive and identify ways in which your organization can cross-check other resources to enable you to verify whether or not payments are going to the wrong recipient, in the wrong amount.

Attendees to the webinar will learn which programs have the most improper payments, what recovery audits are finding, what due process exists for state and local governments that are subject to recovery audits, and how much debt can be assessed as a result of a recovery audit. For more information and to register for this vitally important webinar, as well as future Thompson webinars, go to and click on “Grants” in the Topics field.

What webinars would you like to see Thompson host in the future? We welcome your ideas. 





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