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December 16, 2013 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

games-convention-leipzig-2004-191439-mI saw something this weekend that totally astonished me and really got me to thinking about the lengths people will go to for a chance at fame.

My wife and I took our kids to Pentagon City mall just outside D.C. on Saturday for the latest episode in the never-ending saga known as Christmas shopping. We had finished walking through one level of the mall, entered one of the chain department stores, bought some items, then went upstairs to the next level to return back into the mall. Along the walls was a roped off area with a crowd of people standing in line. As we later saw, it was the line to end all lines….

The line stretched from the center of the mall, all the way to one chain department store, back down the other side of the mall, past the escalators, and continued all the way down almost to the department store way on the other side of the mall. The line must have snaked about a half mile within the mall (this is a BIG mall!).

So what were all these people waiting for? Was it a chance to buy that limited, must-have item on everyone’s shopping list? No, as it turns out, the show “America’s Next Top Model” was having auditions and all these people were here for their chance at to be recognized. (If I learned nothing else, if you are waiting in line to be a model in your various shades of dress and undress, make sure you wear BLACK! About 99.9 percent of the lined-up hopefuls were donning black outfits.)

This line was moving none too fast, and the people at the end of the line frankly may still be there. One wonders how many hours of their lives did these people, for lack of a better word, waste convincing themselves that they were “the one” who will turn the judges heads. Maybe this is normal in the cut-throat world of modeling and fashion but I just don’t get it.

Everyone is looking for that special something that gives them an edge to beat out the competition. This is true in the grants world too as applicants are always looking for something to give them a boost to help them win a federal award. This is where Thompson can come in handy. We have grants development products that offer grantseeking tips that can help improve an applicant’s odds at getting the grant it desires, as well as find out information about grant programs offering new awards.  And when the applicant does get that grant, our Federal Grants Management Handbook and Single Audit Information Service provide the tools it will need to make sure the grant runs smoothly and that it stays in compliance. And better still, no waiting in line.

Let us know about the long lines you’ve seen this holiday season, as well as what information you’d like to see to help you win a grant.


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