Let Funding Attractions Be Your Vehicle for Grants Discussion

February 24, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

1238327_questionsToday we want to piggyback on the Office of Management and Budget’s recently released Frequently Asked Questions on the new grants reform guidance. Rather than letting you know our thoughts on a particular topic, we want to solicit your feedback and questions in an effort to find out what really is on your mind and what are your main areas of concern.

OMB’s FAQ on the reform guidance was relatively sparse, as it only included about 26 questions, most of which were pretty general and basically added further discussion on topics already in the guidance. As we have been reading through the new guidance, we’ve been making our own list of questions to ask OMB officials, and perhaps you have some of your own. Those are the concerns we’d like to know.

By letting us know what is on your mind, we can better pinpoint the information we need to provide to make our products and services more useful to our subscribers. Although we ask for a name and email address when you leave a comment on a blog post, they are never shared or used for marketing purposes. We understand your privacy is paramount.

We here at Thompson will continue to provide the latest news and analysis related to the OMB grants guidance, as well as other updates and reports that could affect your grant programs. In addition, check out our upcoming webinars at ThompsonInteractive.com to learn more topics such as time and effort and indirect costs. But most of all, don’t be shy about using this blog as a forum for discussion on your questions and concerns on the areas of grants application and management that really keep you up at night. This blog celebrated its third birthday this month, and its main purpose is to be the vehicle for grants discussion for all grants stakeholders. Don’t sit there wondering; let us hear from you!


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