OMB Planning Technical Revisions, Updated FAQ on Reform Guidance

March 21, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

error-682383-mThe Office of Management and Budget’s grant reform guidance has been publicly available now for about three months. If you’ve read it cover to cover, you may have possibly noticed certain continuity flaws or glitches. If so, OMB is requesting that you let them know about those inconsistencies.

OMB’s Gil Tran recently told attendees at a National Grants Management Association training luncheon that OMB has already heard from stakeholders that there are some technical problems with certain portions of the guidance. We’ve noticed them ourselves. For example, in §200.320, methods of procurement to be followed, the guidance discusses the various procurement methods in alphabetical order from A through D. However, the next paragraph begins with F, rather than E. We’ve also seen instances where the language describes something as singular (e.g., agency and department) when it should be plural (e.g., agencies and departments).

Such issues are bound to crop up when undertaking a daunting effort of combining several circulars into one. That’s why OMB and the Council on Financial Assistance Reform want to hear about those errors now to correct them. If you find a technical error that needs correcting, contact the COFAR at COFAR OMB plans to assimilate these and will provide a notice of technical revisions to the guidance later this year.

Also, OMB and COFAR are still receiving questions about the reform guidance. They are working with federal agencies to address these questions and expect to release later this year an update of the Frequently Asked Questions on the guidance. The current FAQ was issued Feb. 12. We at Thompson will provide full coverage of the technical revisions and update to the FAQ when they come out.

Let us know if you have noticed any technical errors in the reform guidance. We can pass those along to OMB.


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