NGMA Collecting Technical Corrections To Send to OMB

April 10, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

eraser-428206-mNobody’s perfect, even the federal government. Within the huge document that is the Office of Management and Budget’s uniform grant guidance, there are random technical errors and inconsistencies that must be corrected. Such errors are not errors in policies within the guidance, but skipped numbers in a sequence in a section, incorrect references, misspellings, etc.

For example, in §200.320, methods of procurement to be followed, the guidance discusses the various procurement methods in alphabetical order from A through D. However, the subsequent paragraph begins with F, rather than E. In other instances, the language is singular (e.g., agency and department) when it should be plural (e.g., agencies and departments).

OMB officials have admitted that they are aware of these errors and seeking input on all such errors. Stakeholders that find such errors in continuity, style, reference or citation should contact the Council on Financial Assistance Reform at

The National Grants Management Association is doing its part to help in this effort. Along with providing a file to give stakeholders a better idea what a technical correction entails, it is urging its member to forward such corrections that they have identified to NGMA at with “Technical Corrections” in the subject line, by April 16th. Specifically, NGMA seeks the precise reference for the required technical correction and basis for the corrections and recommended edit, and it is including an Excel file for easier use.

OMB plans to assimilate these and will provide a notice of technical revisions to the guidance in the Federal Register later this year. It always helps to get things right, so whether you send the corrections to OMB or send them through NGMA, send those corrections along. This guidance is too important to contain mistakes.

What errors have you noticed in the document? Let us know and we also can forward that to OMB.


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