The Wait Continues for the 2014 Compliance Supplement

May 6, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

snailcrawling-300x225Long time readers of this blog may be familiar with a tradition that we have continued since we launched this site in 2011. In honor of the Office of Management and Budget’s missing its intended goal to issue the Compliance Supplement, we are again introducing our friend, the snail.

Back in 2011, OMB said it planned to issue the Compliance Supplement by the end of March, yet it still had not seen the light of day as of May 18, which led us to run our first post featuring the snail. Every year since, OMB has given a planned timeframe to issue the supplement, and each year it has missed its intended target date. In response, more snails.

This year, OMB and the Council on Financial Assistance Reform said their goal was to have the Compliance Supplement out by the end of April. It’s now about a week into May and the supplement has not been released. Frankly, I’m not surprised considering that most of OMB’s focus has been geared to the uniform grant guidance. At the National Grants Management Association’s annual training conference last month, OMB’s Karen Lee said that the supplement was further along in the OMB clearance process than it normally is at this time of the year. Still, that wasn’t enough to meet the April goal.

It will be interesting to see OMB’s approach in this year’s Compliance Supplement in light of the changes coming due to the uniform grant guidance. Subscribers to Thompson’s grants publications will be informed on what is actually included when it is released. OMB’s Gil Tran is slated to speak tomorrow at Brustein and Manasevit’s Spring Forum here in Washington, D.C. We’ll see if a new deadline date comes up. I hope it’s soon — I’m really not a big fan of snails.

What information are you looking forward to in this year’s Compliance Supplement?


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