Let’s Inform All Communities About the Uniform Grant Guidance

August 4, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

motorway-1198014-mI returned to the office today after a week on vacation taking a family trip to Walt Disney World. Because we planned to make other stops along the way, we drove from D.C. to Florida rather than flying, which is a heck of a drive, especially if you run into weekend beach traffic. Regardless, what struck me as we were riding down the miles of highway was the number of small towns we passed along the way.

Being “inside the beltway” here in Washington, you tend to think that everyone is following the actions of the federal government on a daily basis like we are. Sometimes it takes a trip across several states to see that this country is huge, and each community tends to operate in its own microcosm, not really concerned about what’s happening at the federal level. You tend to wonder if the folks down in, say, Pooler, Ga., really know that that the federal grants procurement laws will be changing next year under the uniform grant guidance or that they will need to provide new certifications? Those of us covering grants on a daily basis are well aware of it, but when the Pooler Police Department looks to buy new police cars under a public safety grant, will they know what to do?

Federal grants officials and auditors need to do more to get the word out to local and state governments and other grant recipients that the changes are coming so that they can prepare, and can let their subrecipients know what changes are afoot. We’ve attempted to get the word out to our subscribers and those who read this blog, but that reach only goes so far. We’re now into August; the new rules go into effect for federal funding issued after Dec. 26. Spread the word!

Do you have any ideas to help inform all grant recipients of the forthcoming changes? Let us know.    


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