Uniform Grant Guidance Countdown Clock Reaches 16 Days

December 10, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

16-554371-mTo borrow a line from the NCAA national basketball tournament, we’re now down to the sweet 16! Yes, there are 16 more days left before the Office of Management and Budget’s uniform grant guidance goes into effect for nonfederal entities. Thus, we begin our countdown to Dec. 26. (Expect to see future posts this month displaying the latest figure!)

It seems like only yesterday that we initially reported on OMB’s issuance of the final guidance last December. We wondered how well federal agencies would respond in preparing their regulations to incorporate the guidance, and if nonfederal entities would take the time to study and understand all the changes. Later this month, OMB will publish in the Federal Register the agencies’ implementation of the guidance and any agency deviations from the guidance. We’ll be interested to see what this says when it is released. (Although since the federal government will be closed Dec. 26, one wonders if the Federal Register notice will appear before or after Dec. 26.)

If you have yet to read the guidance, you’ve almost waited too late. Make sure to read it to ensure you are in compliance. Changes vary, ranging from procurement requirements to internal controls to performance. You want to keep up so that you can design your internal policies to conform to the guidance.

It’s December already. The OMB clock is ticking…

Are you prepared to comply with the uniform guidance? Let us know what you are experiencing.  


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