Uniform Guidance Countdown Continues With Interim Rule To Come

December 15, 2014 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

bus-stop-number-11-248743-mContinuing on with the countdown we started last week as we march toward the implementation date of the Office of Management and Budget’s uniform grant guidance, we now are 11 days away. However, just to make things more interesting, a more critical date to look forward to should be coming up this Friday! Let me explain.

OMB officials late last week sent out an email to interested grants stakeholders stating that in preparation of the Dec. 26 implementation date, OMB will issue an interim final rule implementing the uniform guidance in the Dec. 19 Federal Register. (The interim rule will initially be available for public inspection on Thursday at this site.)

This will be our first chance to see how federal agencies will implement the uniform guidance and to identify how their rules may deviate from the guidance. Although it is anticipated that agencies generally will adopt the guidance in full, there are specific provisions from which some agencies will need relief. These deviations had to receive OMB approval as special cases, so we will be paying close attention to them.

We’ll provide more information on this interim final rule and a continuation on the countdown in the upcoming days. It’s an exciting time in the grants world. Time to keep up with the latest!

What is your reaction to the release of an interim final rule the week before the guidance’s implementation date? Let us know.


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