Thompson Joins GPA in Celebrating International Grants Professionals Week

March 4, 2015 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

confetti-2-1299806-mThe calendar is full of special days, weeks or months to recognize certain members of society. We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Black History Month, Spanish Heritage Month, and so on. But have we ever recognized grants professionals? Up until now, the answer had been no. The time has come to change all that.

This month, the Grant Professionals Association is sponsoring the first ever International Grant Professionals Week and Day. Thompson is joining GPA as a partner in this event. International Grant Professionals Week will be March 16-20, with International Grant Professionals Day on Friday, March 20. Grant Professionals Week recognizes and celebrates the work of grant professionals who serve as administrators, consultants, managers, grantmakers and writers.

GPA applauds grants professionals for their diligent work, often behind the scenes, to seek grant opportunities, administer projects and implement important programs for the benefit of society’s disadvantaged and under-served people. “These talented professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standard of ethics, quality program development, thoughtful project implementation and wise financial stewardship,” the association says. “Often, those standards extend beyond the mere financial and include capacity support, long-term solutions to challenges, fundraising assistance, expert project management, sustainable programming and so much more.”

Turn to Funding Attractions on the first day of Grant Professionals Week and we will have more information about it. To find out more, go to

Let us know what being a grant professional or working with a grant professional means to you. We’d like to hear your stories.


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