Grants Available To Support Jobs for Older Americans

March 29, 2016 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

working-woman-1440176As our nation’s population continues to get older, it becomes even more critical that older Americans can find jobs to avoid becoming a drain on a community’s economic infrastructure. To this end, the Department of Labor (DOL) this month made $338 million in grants available for national organizations to provide critical job training and related services to low-income, older American workers through the Senior Community Service Employment Program.

The total appropriation for the program for 2016 is about $434 million, so the remaining $96 million will be awarded to state and territorial grantees based on a statutory formula to cover program administration. The grant funds “will provide important opportunities for low-income seniors across the country to access jobs that benefit themselves and their communities,” said Labor Secretary Thomas Perez. “These grants support our mission to help every American who wants to work find a job that can contribute to economic stability.”

DOL expect to fund about 10 to 22 grants that will serve more than 53,000 older Americans per year, with award amounts ranging between $2 million and $50 million.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program encourages economic self-sufficiency, provides career skills training and promotes useful part-time employment through community service assignments for unemployed, low-income individuals aged 55 years or older who have poor employment prospects. The program provides older workers with access to comprehensive services such as orientations, community service assignments, occupational, work skills and aptitude assessments, skills training, free physical examinations, an assessment of needs based supportive services and job-search assistance. Program participants also can receive employment assistance through the American Job Centers.

Grantees in the program spend more than 35 million hours per year working in community service assignments at public agencies and nonprofit organizations developing job skills that boost self-sufficiency. The funding opportunity announcement is available here, and more information on the Senior Community Service Employment Program is available here.

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