Uniform Guidance Webcast Coming, But Compliance Supplement Is Still Late

June 22, 2016 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

snails81-300x225The folks at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) are keeping us on our toes lately. Last week, OMB sent out a notice that it would be producing a webcast on the uniform grant guidance on Monday, June 27. However, the webcast would not be available to the public until the following day.

Then we received another notice from OMB that the webcast, due to technical issues, will not be available until July 5. Let’s hope this webcast is worth the wait.

Titled “Uniform Guidance: Promising Practices,” the webcast, according to OMB, provides an opportunity to hear from thought leaders representing the federal, state, university and nonprofit grant community on their best practices, tools and techniques for successfully implementing pre-award, post-award and single audit processes under the Uniform Guidance. As of July 5, the webcast will be available online at the Council on Financial Assistance Reform’s (COFAR’s) website at https://cfo.gov/cofar/training/.

Speaking of COFAR, information on COFAR’s website as to their current goals and priorities shows that its goal was release of the 2016 Compliance Supplement in April. That date has long come to pass. We’re now nearing the end of June and the supplement is still nowhere in sight. We still hold out hope that OMB will release it before the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Not-for-Profit conference next week so that auditors can discuss it there.

Or, by using a different logic, it may come out the same day as the webcast. The uniform guidance was released on Dec. 26 (the day after a major holiday) so perhaps the 2016 Compliance Supplement will come out on July 5 (again, the day after a major holiday). Just be aware that when OMB does issue the Compliance Supplement, we’ll be here to tell you all the major changes in this year’s supplement and how they affect you. Until then, we present our friend, the snail. Let’s hope it’s the last one for the year.

What do you hope to find out from the OMB webcast or the 2016 Compliance Supplement?


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