Voting: The American Thing To Do — Part 2

November 8, 2016 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

235200_ballotToday I thought I’d rerun a blog post from four years ago — with a few updates — for a new audience to this post that may have missed it back then. The words from 2012 are just as applicable today, if not more so. To wit:

Living within a mile or two from Mount Vernon Estate — the home of George Washington near Alexandria, Va. — I often visit the famed historical site, especially during special events. One of the particular treats while touring the property is hearing a performer acting as Gen. George Washington himself explain what life was like during his lifetime at Mount Vernon. Hearing history told in first person like this gives one a better grasp as to what our founding fathers faced in their challenges to form a new country. Because of this, I am even more honored as an American to have the right to vote.

If you haven’t voted early, I call on everyone to go to the polls today and cast your ballot. Waiting in line to vote should never be a hardship considering there are numerous countries around the world that don’t get such an opportunity. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, at least you have the chance to affect the future. If you skip out on the election, don’t complain. The citizens in countries such as Brunei and Oman likely would jump and the chance to have the right to vote.

Even if the presidential election doesn’t interest you, there are various local elections (races for the Senate, House, and even the local school board) with a razor-thin margin that could come down to one decisive vote. That vote could be yours. Just as important as the candidates are the local referendums on which citizens can vote. Voters will choose whether to support or oppose proposed amendments to state constitutions and proposed local bond issues that could affect millions, if not billions of dollars, for state and local governments.

As George Washington once said, “Differences in political opinion are as unavoidable as, to a certain point, they may perhaps be necessary.” This country will always have differences of opinion politically, but at least we are free to express those opinions. And most of all, we can express those opinions by voting. Don’t let George down, go vote today!


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