Review Issuances To Ensure Your Grants Will Last

October 11, 2017 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

NYPT-Know-The-Rules-stampFor this blog post, we’ll switch things around and discuss last things first. Or in this case, we’ll focus solely on the last thing.

Long-time subscribers to Thompson’s Federal Grants Management Handbook will note that the last article we generally include in our monthly print newsletter is the Federal Agency Issuances. This is a monthly roundup of grants-related issuances that appeared over the previous month within the Federal Register. These issuances include federal agency notices, guidances, proposed rules, interim rules and final rules.

Now, just because this collection of issuances typically appears at the end of the newletter, that makes it no less important. It is critical that grant applicants and recipients remain aware of what federal agencies are posting in the Federal Register, and we have made it easy for you by doing the legwork ourselves and weeding out the ones that pertain to grants.

During a recent Federal Grants Forum in Baltimore, Md., hosted by Thompson Information Services, Dr. Linda Janey, former state single point of contact for Maryland, stressed that it was very important that grant applicants and recipients remain aware of these issuances because they can have a pivotal effect on your grant. In some cases, she said, changes proposed by an agency could mean that a particular grant recipient may no longer qualify for federal funding. She especially urged forum attendees to comment on proposed rules because it is important that agencies know about the concerns of grantees, and “this is your chance to make your voice heard.”

For example, in an Oct. 2 Federal Register notice that we are including in our Federal Agency Issuances for October, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposed to amend its medical regulations by standardizing the delivery of care by VA health care providers through telehealth. Parties interested in how this proposed rule would affect them should submit comments to VA by Nov. 1.

Our list of issuances will also keep you aware when the federal government has decided to withdraw a proposed rule. For instance, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Oct. 4 withdrew a proposed rule published in the Dec. 12, 2014, Federal Register that would revise the applicable conditions of participation for certain providers, conditions for coverage for certain suppliers, and requirements for long-term care facilities, to ensure that the requirements are consistent with the Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Windsor and Department of Health and Human Services policy.

Those subscribers that receive our online digital resource library should make sure to look for the Federal Agency Issuances in our list of news articles each month and determine if any of the agency actions will have an impact on your grant programs. We also are considering including these issuances in other sections of the website for easier access. Make sure you’re staying on top of your grant program and keeping abreast of what your awarding agency is doing.

Are you keeping track of the Federal Agency Issuances? Let us know more about how our site can assist you.


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