Heading Out To Find Grants Updates at Local Events

November 13, 2017 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

motorway-1198014-mIn honor of the old Willie Nelson song, we’re on the road again. We’ll be spending the next couple of days outside the office to cover some interesting events around the D.C. area, which could provide some valuable information for our subscribers.

Today, we’re heading to the University of Maryland campus to attend the Maryland Governor’s Grant Office’s annual grants training conference. Among the federal speakers that will address those in attendance include Tricia Glass of Grants.gov, who will discuss how to find federal funding opportunities, how to apply for grants and demonstrate Grants.gov’s collaborative Workspace application format, which will replace the current downloadable “legacy” application package at the end of the year.

Next up will be Gil Tran and Victoria Collin of the Office of Management and Budget to give some insights from OMB. Hopefully, they might share some new information on the future of the uniform guidance. The federal presentation will conclude with Renata Maziarz of the Department of the Treasury, who will discuss the latest improvements to USAspending.gov.

After another morning session featuring a panel of Maryland grants officials, the luncheon speaker will be Trinity Tomsic, deputy director of Federal Funds Information for States, who will give a wrap-up on the budget discussions on Capitol Hill. Several concurrent afternoon sessions will discuss subrecipient monitoring, grant performance, single audits, indirect costs and other issues of interest to attendees. I’ve covered this conference for several years and have always found it very newsworthy and informative.

Tomorrow, we’ll head to George Washington University to attend a forum hosted by the university and REI Systems. Michael Curtis of the Department of Health and Human Services will be the featured speaker to discuss GrantSolutions. We’ll be interested to see what he says about this topic.

Subscribers to Thompson’s grants publications should watch for articles coming out of these events to learn about what is happening on the federal level and how it could affect your grant programs. For those attending the events, look for me; I’m always glad to talk to a friendly face. Thompson also is sponsoring the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office conference and will have an information table available for those interested in finding out more about the services we can provide. Please stop by.

Let us know what you would like to hear from speakers at these events. We’d love to hear from you.


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