As One Chapter Ends, A New One Begins

August 31, 2018 | By Jerry Ashworth | Post a Comment

goodbye-flower-1456187After seven-and-a-half years, it’s time to pack up our bags! Thompson’s grants blog is moving!

We have enjoyed providing our slant on events occurring the world of federal grants since February 2011 on our Funding Attractions blog. I think Adrianne Fielding, my former editor and current member of Thompson’s grants editorial advisory board, explained it clearly in the first Funding Attractions blog post: “Why have we created this blog? Because it matters. Grant-related work matters. It matters to our political and social institutions, it matters to local communities, and it matters to individuals and the quality of their lives. The fundamental, tangible value of grant-related work – and Thompson’s particular relationship to it – fuels our interest in connecting the various parts of that grants community.”

The Funding Attractions blog aimed to serve as an environment for dialogue and discussion among applicants, recipients and funders; grant seekers, grant writers, and grant managers; novices and seasoned pros. We received several comments from our readers out there and welcomed every one, although we had hoped to receive more.

Now, even though we’re shutting the doors to our site here at Funding Attractions, that doesn’t mean our blog posts will be ending. We have created a new section on our Grants Compliance Expert website called “GrantViews,” which can be found on the site’s “News” link. The GrantViews page, which will launch next week, will include a section entitled “Editorial Commentary.” This will be our new home for providing posts that provide our take on what’s happening in the grants community, as well as previews of news content on our site with free access to these articles for a limited time. The GrantViews page also will include a “Video Corner” section, which will feature short videos that may be of interest to the grants community, offering news updates, tips, answers to questions we’ve received and perhaps some interviews. Best of all, all the content on the GrantViews page will be open and available to all without a subscription.

Perhaps of all the blog posts we’ve published, the ones I’ll most remember were those related to each year’s issuance of the OMB Compliance Supplement. Starting in our first year, the Compliance Supplement was several weeks past the date that OMB had planned to issue it. In response, we posted our first picture of a snail to highlight the slow process of issuing the document. Once it was released, we celebrated with a picture of fireworks. Little did we know then that this would become an annual routine. We posted many snails over the years as we consistently waited for the release of each year’s supplement, followed by the thrill of the fireworks once it was made public. Will this tradition continue now on the new Editorial Commentary site? Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss out on the answer.

So with that, we bid adieu as we turn out the lights here. Don’t forget to check us out our new GrantViews page; we look forward to seeing you there! Ah, the moving van has just arrived…


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