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Sneak Preview: New Guidance Calls for Audit Quality Study in 2018

(The following was excerpted from an article in the Single Audit Information Service.) Audit organizations should be aware that the quality of their single audits will be under federal scrutiny in four years under a provision in the Office of…


Why Auditors Aren’t Perfect

With the massive amount of federal dollars issued in grant awards these days, I’m all for ensuring that they are spent appropriately. To that end, having auditors conduct Circular A-133 single audits, as well as other types of audits, is…


Perhaps the Dumbest Provision in OMB’s Grants Proposal

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly introduce to you — “Someone!” Look familiar? No, not to me either. Could be a man; could be a woman. It’s hard to tell. Yet our friend “Someone” here, under the Office of Management and…