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L/SFR Sneak Preview: Report Finds Child Well-Being Indicators a Mixed Bag

(This post is excerpted from a story in the Sept. 5 issue of Local/State Funding Report.) The past two decades have brought both tremendous progress and periodic setbacks in child well-being at national, state and local levels, according to a…


L/SFR Sneak Preview: Studies Find Children’s Share of Federal Budget Shrinking

(This post is excerpted from an article in the Aug. 8 issue of Local/State Funding Report.) In light of the general climate around discretionary spending and fiscal responsibility, the outlook for federal spending on children’s programs is dim, according to…


L/SFR Sneak Peek: Panel Says Children Face Economic Challenges That Impact Well-Being

(This article was excerpted from the May 9 issue of Local/State Funding Report.) The composition of the nation’s children is changing rapidly as economic, demographic and social factors reshape the population, and the changes are increasing pressure on public policy…