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University Loses Out on Upward Bound Award Due to Application Error

This is why we here at Thompson offer an entire publication dedicated to the pre-award grant application process — to prevent mistakes like this recent one involving a West Virginia university.


U.S. Congressional Staff Dishes Out Grantseeking Advice

(This guest post was written by Heather Gleason, a public sector management consultant and founder of Azalea City Associates.) At a recent conference hosted by the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office, a crowd of state and local government representatives, along with…


L/SFR Sneak Peek: GAO Outlines Suggestions to Improve Grants.gov Operations

(This story is excerpted from the May 23 Local/State Funding Report.) According to a recently released report from the Government Accountability Office, Grants.gov faces funding and governance challenges that adversely impact the site’s operations. Specifically, GAO said the initiative is…