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USDA Helps To Provide Nutrition Assistance to States Hit by Hurricanes

The last few weeks have been pretty rough for those in the South dealing with damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma (not to mention that Jose is still lurking out there). These states have experienced so much devastation,…


Are Salad Bars in Schools a Fruitful Option?

Some legislative proposals on Capitol Hill make perfect sense, while others are definite head scratchers. And then there are some that, in theory, sound totally reasonable, but in practicality, maybe not so much. For example, let’s turn to a bill…


LEAs Now Have More Time To Participate in Community Eligibility Provision

When the federal government encourages grantees to do something, they should pay attention. However, when it “strongly encourages” grantees to act, they pretty well better heed that message. This blog post falls into the latter category.