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Thompson’s Nov. Webinars To Discuss Audit Visits, DATA Act and Sequestration

Now that Congress can turn its eyes toward something other than the federal government shutdown, there are other issues coming up that it will be deliberating that can truly impact federal grants.  Thompson is offering you a way to stay…


The Future Is Kind of Cloudy Right Now

Oh, to have a crystal ball. We could look into it to determine how the Office of Management and Budget’s proposed grants reform guidance would turn out, and we could identify which grant programs drew the short end of the…


A Primer on the Effects of Sequestration — Ugh!

We might as well lock ourselves in our bomb shelters and never return because the future looks grim, very grim. Unless some miracle, 11th hour deal is struck, the sequestration’s across-the-board cuts to discretionary programs will take effect tomorrow.