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Chicago Transit Authority Receives $1B Grant Award

Talk about the federal government putting a lot of eggs in one basket. The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Transit Administration (FTA) this week provided about $1.07 billion in federal grant funds to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) for the…


The Train’s Leaving So Don’t Get Left Behind!

The future of public transportation has reached a critical juncture, and public transit agencies should be wary of what funds are available and how to get their portion of these funds.


L/SFR Sneak Preview: Officials and Stakeholders Push For Quick Transportation Reauthorization

(This post is excerpted from a story in the Sept. 12 issue of Local/State Funding Report.) Pressure to implement a long-term transportation package has ratcheted up again in recent weeks, despite the chilly fiscal climate that still hangs over any…